So, I broke down and decided to get cable after having watched all of my TV via the internet for the past 6 months. In typical cable company fashion, they tell me that I have to sit around and wait from 12-4 on Monday for the man to show up. So, like a good little robot, I sit around and wait.. and wait.. and wait.. Around 3:15, my phone dies, which was slightly tragic because I was dominating Pac Man on my phone (Yes, I’m 13 at heart). What happened next is going to be unbelievable, but remember that this is my life I’m talking about, so just trust me. It happened.
I have an iPhone, and those of you that may have iPhones know that when your phone dies, it has to recharge for 5-10 minutes before you can turn it back on. Well, during that 7 minute time frame (I’m averaging), the cable guy apparently calls. He assumes that because his call goes to voicemail, I’m not home. Does he bother to knock on my door know? Did he ring the doorbell? Of course not, because that would require effort.  Instead, I get a voicemail from Charity at Comcast telling me that I have missed my appointment. Umm.. what?
So, I call the 800 number, and after 10 minutes of automated choices, I finally get to talk to a person only to be transferred to a busy signal. Awesome. So, I go through the whole routine again, and FINALLY get to reschedule my appointment, which means that I’ll be sitting around all afternoon tomorrow, waiting patiently for the cable guy to show up and charge me $30 to screw the digital box’s cables into the wall and my TV. The best part of it all? I was informed that if I miss my appointment again, I will be charged the installation fee…. Rock on.